Board of Directors of the Merion Musical Society

James S. Meade, Director at Large
Ken Eidinger, President
Bradley Ruben, Vice President
Michael Ramage, Treasurer
Kevin Sparks, Secretary
Marianne Gellert-Jones, Director at Large
James S. Meade, Director at Large
Geoff Schad, Director at Large
David Urffer, Director at Large

Band Volunteers

Doug Ohlman, Stage Manager
Jem Jochems, Personnel Manager
David Urffer, Librarian
Ken Eidinger, Business Agent
Merri Lee Newby, Band Historian
Karri Giamporcaro, General Information
Vince Hurtubise, Webmaster

Bret Mascaro, Conductor

Bret Mascaro is an adjunct professor and supervisor of student teachers at West Chester University. Previously, Bret completed his 34-year career as a music teacher, band director, and Music Department Coordinator for the Methacton School District. During that time, Bret served as a PA Music Educators Association District President and Festival Coordinator and has twice been a clinician at the PMEA Annual In-service Conference. In the interim, Bret spent four years as Director of Education for the Zeswitz Music Company in Reading.

Bret Mascaro holds a B.S. degree in Music Education from West Chester and an M.A. degree in Education from Arcadia University. His conducting experience includes many concert bands, wind ensembles, and jazz bands as part of his teaching assignments in the greater Philadelphia area, and guest conducting appearances for a few honors bands across the region. Additionally, Bret is the head director for the American Music Abroad Silver Tour-a student tour of Europe. Bret previously served as an assistant conductor for the Montgomery County Concert Band.

Bret Mascaro is an adjudicator for PMEA Music Performance Assessments and several state-level and national pageantry organizations including Bands of America and Drum Corps International. With a great love for instrumental music, Bret’s goal is to continue collaborating with artistic musicians to perform a variety of creative works to appreciative audiences all along the Main Line.

Band Members

Naomi Anafi 
Sara Barthol 
Nicole Butler 
Karri Giamporcaro
Marianne Gellert-Jones 
Shirly Kujawski Kennett 
Karen Meade
Terry Seligmann 
Julie Todd 

Marcy Klugman
Merri Lee Newby 

Marcy Klugman
Merri Lee Newby 

Michael Smith 

Joseph Benedetto 
Eugene Bentley
Cal DiDomenico
Matthew Dunn
Donna Higgins
John Juzbasich  
Leanne Juzbasich 
James McGlinchey
Jim Meade
Robert Meade
Sally Newport 
Kevin O’Brien 
Douglas Ohlman 
David Roberts 
Cookie Rozans 
Marcy Seminoff 
Ashley Smith 
Michael Smith 
Tim Ulrich
Leo Vasmanis

Nancy Frustaci

Bill Brandis
Ron Romoff
Al Skipper (*)
Kevin Sparks

Bill DeGothseir 
Vince Hurtubise
Steve Morrisette
Bradley Ruben
Jarett Stein

Nick Karras
Abi Nathan

Mary Ellen Bowden
Rachel Braddick
Mary Culbert
Michelle DeGothseir
Doug Eschbach
Sara Fries
Jenny Torgerson

Josy Conklin
Daniel Furst
Jim Gicking
Bruce Howell
Nick Keiser
Denise McCleary
Dan McGahey
Geoff Schad

Scott Anderson
Alyssa Eddings
Paul Feldman
Jem Jochems
Michael Maizel
Peter Mucsi
Michael Ramage
Ray Richards
Todd Ricky
Bonnie Strang
Allen Tollen
David Urffer

Paul Csigi
Jan Jochems
Bill Lautenberger
Chris Urffer
Nick Urffer

Jonathan Deutsch
Michael Farrell
James H. Hicks

Richard Conn

Ken Eidinger
Kim Newell
Bernie Perlman
Jackie Phillips
Amy Venkus

Marianne Jones
Doug Ohlman
Tom Shluger
Bill DeGothsier
Michelle DeGothsier

*: on leave